Epstein Associates Shut Down Rumors About Link To Dead Financeer

The Island Boys, a popular TikTok group and social media influencer have spoken out to dispel suspicions that they are the youngsters in a photo with Jeffrey Epstein, as reported by TMZ.

TMZ reports that an old photograph of Epstein on a beach with four children has surfaced, prompting speculation that the children are the members of the band The Island Boys. The twins have seen the famous photo, but Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd are adamant that it is not them. They claim they were completely unaware of Epstein until he was publicly accused of several offenses.

“I am an Island Boy” is a hit by the Island Boys. As Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd, respectively, rap siblings Alex and Franky Venegas are a well-known singing duo. They’ve never been to Cuba.

Images of what appear to be extremely young children have appeared online, prompting speculation that they were taken on one of Epstein’s private islands in the Caribbean. If TMZ’s report is to be believed, Flyysoulja and his brother didn’t leave Florida until they were 18. He added that the photographer’s background didn’t look like anything in Florida.

According to TMZ, Flyysoulja also mentioned that he and his brother looked virtually identical as infants. Different children’s hair hues were indicated in the viral snapshot. 

There are other distinctions as well. The source pointed out that while the influencers in the photo are Cuban, the children look white.

According to TMZ, Flyysoulja denied familiarity with the photo, saying that he and his brother had no prior contact with Epstein.

Kodiyakredd made news earlier this month when he was arrested in Florida on charges of suspected domestic abuse. Kodiyakredd, whose real name is Franky Venegas, was reportedly detained in the Pompano Beach area after his then-girlfriend was said to have injured her head after being pushed into the shallow end of an Airbnb pool.