Embarrassing Song Plays Before Biden Takes Stage

(FiveNation.com)- An embarrassing song played right before President Biden took the stage at a rally at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, Florida. The song was the unofficial campaign anthem for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, according to The Federalist Papers.

The pop tune, “Fight Song,” which was written and performed by Rachel Platten, blasted from the speakers as Biden was prepared to deliver remarks in support of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and Senate candidate Val Demings.

The song was famously covered by the media during the failed presidential bid of the former secretary of state, garnering the attention of left-wing Hollywood singers who reportedly sang it in a show of support for Clinton.

Democrats took to Twitter to express their disapproval of having the song played once again at a rally.


“I have actively avoided hearing that song since 2016,” one Twitter user responded.

“I wish you had included a trigger warning,” another user wistfully wrote.

“The memories are way to painful. I have actively avoided hearing that song since 2016,” wrote another with a tinge of nostalgia.


Clinton is reportedly working on another quiet bid for 2024, according to Dick Morris, a former aide to Bill Clinton. “I see more and more signs that Hillary’s going to run,” Morris told John Catsimatidi on WABC 770 AM, adding that she has noticed that Americans “do not believe in open borders.”

According to a recent Gallup poll, Biden has only fared slightly better since earlier this year when his approval rating amongst voters was the lowest compared with Trump at that point in his presidency. Biden has a 40% approval rating among voters, indicating a 4-point drop since August.

“[Jimmy] Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Trump all averaged 41% or 42% approval during their seventh quarter, while Barack Obama’s 45% average during that time was slightly higher,” Gallup said, highlighting Biden’s historically low numbers.

“Americans’ evaluations of the job Biden is doing as president continue to be more negative than positive, as they have for over a year now,” Gallup continued.