Emails Show Deep Ties Between Newsom, Biden Families

After emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed that Biden’s son donated thousands to Newsom’s campaign and offered his name to fundraisers, California Governor Gavin Newsom defended Hunter Biden against claims of nepotism and unscrupulous business connections. The charges were poo-pooed by Newsom, who claimed it was “hardly exceptional” for people to exploit family members to further their careers.

While visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, Eric Schwerin, a business associate of Hunter Biden’s, advised that Hunter meets with Mayor Gavin Newsom and his sister, Hilary, by inviting them to a China State dinner. Hunter wrote to Newsom’s sister by email to tell her about how he enjoyed his visit to California that summer and to see if she wanted tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll. Newsom’s sister graciously declined The White House invitation and explained that the couple had instead been “asked to join some friends on their yacht in St. Lucia.”

In March of that year, Schwerin advised Hunter to “ask any of them to pull together prospective other investors in Real Estate” when he visited San Francisco. Newsom was among those mentioned.

A woman, Jessica Lee, who had previously assisted Newsom’s wife with her documentaries, contacted Hunter Biden in June 2014, asking for advice on promoting two of the films in the nation’s capital. Twelve days later, Lee emailed Biden, thanking him for meeting with her and helping with her documentary “The Mask You Live In.”

After hearing that Biden had been busted with cocaine and discharged from the Navy Reserve in October 2014, Newsom reached out to him with encouragement. Newsom called lobbyist Eve O’Toole his “best friend and closest adviser” in an email exchange with Hunter in April 2015. A week later, when asking lobbyist Mike Manatos for a contribution to Gavin Newsom’s campaign for governor of California, Hunter referred to Newsom as a “dear friend.”

After hearing that O’Toole “roped” Hunter into co-hosting a fundraiser in December 2017, Newsom reached out to Hunter directly to confirm. Hunter Biden owes mom “big amount,” he said, and his uncle, Jim Biden, will donate to the campaign.

The Bidens, the Newsoms, and even the Pelosi family are tighter than the media lets on.