Elon Musk Reports More “Smoking Guns”, Says He’s Not Suicidal

(FiveNation.com)- Twitter CEO said that there are more “smoking guns” after releasing the “Twitter files,” according to The Post Millennial. Musk released the Twitter files last week that showed how the social media company censored speech, particularly the Hunter Biden laptop story originally reported on by The New York Post, ahead of the 2020 election. Musk has pledged to continue to be transparent about the company’s behavior.

Musk joined a Twitter circles call with numerous other speakers last week saying, “I do not have any suicidal thoughts…If I committed suicide, it’s not real.” The billionaire was referring to the mysterious deaths that occur when someone is too outspoken against the “regime.”

The new “chief twit” was reportedly open during the call and fielded many questions. He said that he was attracted to buy Twitter because he thought it was important, adding that the timing was based on cash flow. But he explained that there appeared to be “more and more group think amongst the media, more and more sort of toeing the line among the digital social media company.”

He continued to say that the suppression of free speech was concerning to him and that, unless something was done about it, we would get to a place where “everything will just get muddled.”

Musk reportedly sent documents about Twitter to journalists Matt Taibbi, who published the “Twitter files,” and Bari Weiss. He said that he is leaving the decision of when the new information will be dropped up to them.

Of Hunter Biden, Musk said that it “seems like he knows how to have a good time,” but that ultimately there was government influence to create a “disinformation ministry,” which he called “insane.”

He also said that “Episode two” of the Twitter files will be released and that they will focus on what happened after the 2020 presidential election.

The thread created by Taibbi around the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story showed that Democrats had more avenues to request the removal of tweets.