Elon Musk May Slap CNN With A Warning Label 

(FiveNation.com)- On Monday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk hinted that he would issue a warning label to CNN in response to allegations in a new story this week that the network barred their journalists from reporting on stories that made Trump look good. 

This comes after a story in last week’s Wall Street Journal said that the Department of Energy now feels that the right-wing media was correct regarding the “lab leak” story. 

A Twitter user asked, ” When will you classify CNN as State Affiliated Media?” 

Musk said, “Excellent point,” in response. A label should be used to alert the audience if a media outlet falsely claims to be objective when it is biased. 

Former CNN president Jeff Zucker reportedly told employees not to look into things that would serve as a “Trump talking point,” according to a story by Fox News this week. 

Since former President Donald Trump began his run for the White House atop an escalator in Trump Tower over eight years ago, the network has been actively anti-Trump due to Zucker’s hatred of all things Trump-related. Starting on that day, the network spread innumerable false claims, incorrectly applied or misinterpreted facts, and left out crucial details about Trump’s single time in office. 

The establishment media, public health officials, and Democratic Party politicians have all worked together to bury or dismiss the possibility that Trump was, or is, ever right. Zucker and other CNN staff members worked overtime plotting ways to make Trump look bad, even at the expense of endangering and misleading the public. 

One of many stories coming out of the network condemns anything that goes against the mainstream narrative; Darcy said that the so-called disinformation relating to a public health issue is dangerous to people who fall prey to it. 

Former CNN president Zucker resigned last year after an inquiry into disgraced former anchor Chris Cuomo found that Zucker was having an ongoing consensual relationship at the media network with senior marketing executive Allison Gollust. 

The new CNN logo should be either someone eating crow or someone with egg on their face.