Election Official Resigns Amid Allegations of Voter Fraud Coverup

(FiveNation.com)- It looks like conservatives in Texas are going to get their way. On Friday, a veteran elections administrator in the state decided to resign from her position after people in her county tried for months to get her removed from her position.

Michele Carew had become the face of what many consider to be a fraudulent election system in Hood County, as The Texas Tribune wrote recently. She resigned after many of her critics tried to get her replaced.

Those who were against Carew said she had a hidden agenda for liberals, and that she violated elections law within the state.

The secretary of state in Texas, though, had confirmed that Carew — who had 14 years of experience in the industry — was abiding by all of the state’s rules.

Despite this, a strong campaign to get Carew removed from her position persisted in the county. These people wanted an elected county clerk to replace Carew, and that clerk was known for spreading allegations of election fraud on various social media channels.

Hood County is very conservative. In the 2020 presidential election, 81% of the vote went to former President Donald Trump.

In Hood County districts where President Joe Biden carried the vote in 2020, there have been many calls for audits of those election results. That was especially true, according to the Tribune, if Trump won those districts in the 2016 presidential election.

Carew commented for the Tribune story by saying:

“When I started out, election administrators were appreciated and highly respected. Now, we are made out to be the bad guys.

“I’m leaving on my own accord. I’m the one who wins in the end.”

Despite submitting her resignation last week, Carew will remain in her position until November 12. That means she will oversee one final election in Hood County, Texas.

The Tribune reported that Carew already has future professional plans once she departs her state elections position. The paper said she will work in a private company that consults with administrator offices in local elections in an effort to help them run more effectively and efficiently.

Some independents and liberals are not happy with the way things have turned out for Carew. One of those people is the executive director of the Center for Election Innovation and Research, David Becker. He commented for the Tribune story:

“[Carew] is not the first and won’t be the last professional election official to have to leave this profession because of the toll it is taking, the bullies and liars who are slandering these professionals.”

Election officials have taken a lot of heat since the 2020 presidential election, for either not doing enough or doing too much. There have been many people and some organized groups that have targeted election officials, saying they played an active role in election fraud that saw Biden defeat Trump.

For some election officials, the pressure and anger directed toward them is just too much for them to take, and so they move on to something else.