Duke University Introduces “INEQUALITY STUDIES” Course

(FiveNation.com)- Duke University has reportedly introduced a new course that focuses on left-wing talking points about inequality. Starting in spring 2021, students will be able to officially minor in “Inequality Studies,” a course that may well cement in the minds of students that the United States is a systemically racist country.

The Chronicle, a campus newspaper, reported how the Arts and Science Council voted in September to approve the new minor, which would come under the History Department. The project will be a collaboration between the department and the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity.

In a press release published on October 8, the Cook Center explained how it would be a six-course minor that consists of three Historic electives and three core courses.

“While this is not the first program of its kind across the higher education sphere—notably, Cornell University’s Center for the Study of Inequality offers a program by the same name as Duke’s—the new minor both reflects the increasing importance of Inequality Studies research and epitomizes the growth of the Cook Center since its inception in 2014,” the press release explained.

Adam Hollowell, a senior research associate at the Cook Center, said that the new course is a “wonderful step forward for Duke University and an exciting new opportunity for undergraduate students across many areas of study to advance their understanding of social inequality.”

What is so exciting about learning how America is a racist society, and being taught that inequality is a result of policy and not individual decisions?

A core course in the minor will be the “Global Inequalities Research Initiative” which has been a central focus of the Cook Center for many years. The press release described how it will be complemented by courses on “Methods in Inequality Studies” and the “History of Inequality.”

Yes, this is real.

Several other universities are offering similar things. The University of Chicago offers a minor that also includes “Social Problems and Change” which is said to give students “the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the nature of inequality as it takes shape in pivotal societal institutions.”

The Cornell University minor is described as a suitable course for students who are “Interested in public and private sector employment.”