Drones Deployed In War Against Drugs As Smuggling Gets Out Of Control

(FiveNation.com)- While the Democrats continue to pretend that everything former President Donald Trump said about illegal aliens coming from Mexico is wrong, the Mexican government is dealing with a growing cartel crisis.

Reports suggest that the Mexican government is losing control over the expansion of the well-known – and well-feared – Jalisco cartel. Mexican authorities are struggling to contain the expansion of the cartel and the damage being caused by members.

Jalisoc is the most powerful drug gang in Mexico. Well equipped with weapons and men ready and willing to kill people who get in their way, the gang is now organizing townspeople in Mexico who act as human shields against Mexican military troops.

Habacuc Solorzano, a farmer who heads up the civilian group, said that if the military tries to enter their region again, he will put 2,000 people in their way to stop them. Just last week he reportedly had some 500 local people out in the street marching against military intervention, wading across a river and confronting the army squad trying to block the cartels from fighting with each other.

Residents of the Aguililla area reportedly unhappy with the way the military is handling the crisis, simply splitting up the Viagras and the Jalisco gangs. The blockades formed by the military effectively just makes it easier for the gangs to operate without intervention from other gangs, but doesn’t stop the problem at all.

The Viagras are best known for extorting and kidnapping people.

One demonstrator in the crowd told the army, “we’d rather be killed by you than killed by those criminals!”

Other demonstrators reportedly carried slingshots and rocks but didn’t use them.

Mexican residents want the armed forces to either get in the way and fight the cartels, or to get out of the way and let the gangs fight each other.

Perhaps the Democrats want to make a special trip out to Mexico to remind residents that they are racist if they think that Mexican cartels are shipping drugs over the border and kidnapping their opponents…