Dr. Paul Announces That “Soviet Style” Persecution Of January 6th Protestors

(FiveNation.com)- Dr. Ron Paul, the popular former Republican presidential candidate and libertarian leader, warned that conservatives are falling victim to Soviet-style political persecution amid news that January 6 protesters are being treated badly in prison.

In an article published on Monday, Paul said that the convention of one protester, Paul Hodgkins, constituted a miscarriage of justice. He described how Hodgkins “said the words Joe Biden’s Justice Department wanted to hear,” and that they were reminiscent of Soviet-style confessions that were beaten out of political dissidents.

Hodgkins was forced to say “Joseph R. Biden is rightfully and respectfully the president of the United States.”

Why would someone who objected to the certification of the election results, based on evidence of election fraud and misconduct, willing to make a statement like that?

It sounds like Dr. Paul is right…

He added that it made no sense for Hodgkins to be put in prison for eight months given that he did not commit any violence. His crime was simply having political views.

Remember when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explicitly welcomed AOC’s far-left protesters who occupied rooms in the Capitol Building during Trump’s presidency?

How come those protestors weren’t locked up for eight months?

Paul also noted how around 500 conservatives have so far been faced with similar charges for simply protesting on Capitol Hill, and warned that this is a kind of “totalitarian justice” that could eventually come for supporters of President Joe Biden in the future, too.

Paul has long been considered a fringe political candidate and commentator, but his words are truer and more important than ever.