Dr. Fauci Gets Blasted By Rand Paul On Camera

(FiveNation.com)- Last week, Senator Rand Paul once again went toe-to-toe with Dr. Anthony Fauci, this time over his previous remarks about natural immunity.

During a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing last Wednesday, Senator Paul challenged Fauci on why previous infection was not being taken into account when recommending COVID booster shots.

Senator Paul played a 2004 video in which Fauci discussed whether someone who had the flu should get a flu shot. In the video, Fauci said the “best vaccination is to get infected yourself.”

Confronting Fauci with the contents of the clip, Senator Paul asked him why he rejects natural immunity now when he embraced it in 2004.

Fauci claimed that he never denied the importance of protection from a previous infection, adding that vaccines simply give “an extra boost.” He said the 2004 video clip was taken out of context and cited a fact-check from Reuters that claimed Fauci’s 2004 comments didn’t contradict his position during the COVID pandemic.