Dr. Fauci Experimented On Children, Leaving Some Dead According To New Report

(FiveNation.com)- A poll just published by NPR has found that only one-third – 33% – of Republicans believe that the 2024 presidential election is going to be fair.

According to the study, most Americans overall do think that the elections will be fair, but Republican voters are significantly less likely to believe that.

It comes after former President Donald Trump tried to ensure election integrity and the discounting of illegal votes in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, only to be met by smear campaigns and efforts to decry his work as a “coup.” Trump was even accused of orchestrating an “insurrection” on January 6, when gangs of left-wing and right-wing activists stormed the Capitol Building.

Some 58% of respondents said that they trust elections in the United States a good amount. When broken up by party, 90% of Democrats said that they trust elections, but only 60% of independents said that they believe the same, and only one-third of Republicans expressed confidence.

One way of looking at this story is that a majority of Americans think that the election system isn’t compromised, but another, more honest way of looking at this is that some 40% of independent voters – the people who often decide elections – don’t think that the election system can be trusted in this country.

When you cut out the political activism from both sides and look only at the people who change who they vote for depending on economic conditions and candidates, it’s remarkable that a sizeable majority think something has gone wrong.

So, what will be done about it?