Dr. Birx Reveals “Secret Pact” Made In Plot Against Trump

(FiveNation.com)- Former Trump administration COVID advisor Dr. Deborah Birx is the latest former Trump official with a book attacking the former President.

Birx is currently making the media rounds flogging her upcoming book, “Silent Invasion: The Untold Story of the Trump Administration, COVID, and Preventing the Next Pandemic Before it’s Too Late.” And during an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday, Birx revealed that the people working in Trump’s COVID Task Force formed a pact, vowing if one of them was fired, the rest will quit in solidarity.

Birx explained that a mass exit was “really important” because she wanted to protect former CDC Director Robert Redfield and former FDA Commissioner Steve Hahn. They were under “enormous pressure,” you see.

Boy, if only Trump tested that pact by firing one of those fools. Imagine how much different things would have been if the people responsible for locking down the country, destroying tens of thousands of businesses, ruining children’s lives, and killing our economy had all quit en masse in the early days of the pandemic.

But no. Trump didn’t fire anyone. And we’re still paying a heavy price for that today.

Birx also told Good Morning America that she was just a few feet away from Trump when, in April 2020, he allegedly suggested injecting disinfectant to treat COVID, describing it as “a tragedy on many levels.”

In short, Birx is hoping to exploit the media’s insatiable need to find someone to attack Donald Trump as a way of hoodwinking the anti-Trump Resistance into buying her book.

Isn’t it interesting how the people who played a role in destroying the economy for the rest of us are finding ways to get rich?

They all belong in jail.