Donald Trump Says He Would Use Nuclear Subs Against Putin If He Became President

( On Monday, former President Donald Trump said if he was still president, the United States would be taking more drastic action against Russia, including sending nuclear submarines to patrol the Russian coast.

In a call-in interview on Fox Business Channel’s “Varney & Company,” the former president said if Putin threatened him with nuclear weapons, he’d tell him “if you mention that word one more time,” the US would send nuclear subs in to patrol “up and down your coast.”

Trump said Putin frequently tossed around the nuclear threat during his dealings with him, adding that he hoped nuclear weapons wouldn’t be used because “it would be the tragedy of all tragedies.”

The former president also suggested that Putin doesn’t seem to be the same person he was when Trump was in the White House.

Asked if he respected Vladimir Putin, Trump said he got along with him when he was in the White House, but “he’s a different person” now.

Host Stuart Varney asked Trump if he thought Vladimir Putin was sane, but Trump didn’t speculate. Instead, he only reiterated that Vladimir Putin “just doesn’t seem to be the same person” that he was when Trump was dealing with him.

Trump said he had a “decent relationship” with Putin despite the pressure put on him over the “Russia hoax.”

Then Trump recapped how the Russia collusion story was “nonsense” and a “total hoax.”

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