Donald Trump Jr Says GOP Must Stop the Insanity

( Donald Trump Junior defended his father’s foreign policy, arguing that the media that constantly attacked Trump over Russia and Ukraine doesn’t seem to care that President Joe Biden is enriching Russia.

In an interview last Wednesday on Newsmax’s Eric Bolling: The Balance, Don Junior said the Republicans have to stop the insanity. He blasted Joe Biden for clearing the way for Nord Stream 2 which will enable Russia to make billions providing energy to Europe. Trump Jr. boasted that his father fought against Nord Stream 2 and prevented Russia from moving forward on it.

Don Junior warned that the billions Biden gave Putin with Nord Stream 2 will now be spent on building up Russia’s military. As a result, Trump said, the US taxpayers will have to spend billions on NATO to help protect them from an emboldened Russia.

And while Biden cleared the way for Russia to make billions on energy production, Don Junior said, he simultaneously crippled US energy independence by shutting down the Keystone pipeline. Trump accused the media and Biden of lying to the American people by claiming that Biden wouldn’t cancel fracking.

Don Junior railed against the media’s disinformation campaign against former President Trump which he said was used to hurt Trump and his family. But, Don Junior added, the disinformation was also designed to hurt the conservatives who are fighting back. He accused RINO Republicans like Adam Kinzinger of buying into the media’s disinformation campaign and helping the Democrats win.

Trump Junior then plugged the publishing company he co-founded, Winning Team Publishing, which recently released former President Trump’s book “Our Journey Together.”

Watch Donald Trump Junior’s interview HERE.