Donald Trump Goes On War Path Against Ron DeSantis

According to a report, last Wednesday night, former President Donald Trump had some fun taking shots against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his Republican primary opponent.

As DeSantis prepared to declare his presidential candidacy last week, he encountered technical difficulties on Twitter, prompting Trump to increase his assaults on DeSantis in the past few months.

On Trump’s Truth Social platform, the former President said earlier last week that he was ahead in the polls compared to the other Republicans and President Joe Biden. Later, Trump suggested that DeSantis wanted to “change his name.”

Trump said we might have all heard that “Rob” DeSanctimonious is considering a name change. He insists that everyone pronounce his name with an “e; thus, it’s “Deee” Santis and not “Da” Santis. Trump thought “Da” had a better rhythm. He also noted that DeSantis gets worked up whenever anybody, including the media, botches the pronunciation. 

An online publication noted that it might be difficult for some presidential contenders to get their message through. Ron DeSantis has trouble pronouncing his name correctly. DeSantis has alternately been pronouncing his name as Dee-Santis and Deh-Santis since the beginning of his campaign.

To many GOP officials and contributors, the fact that DeSantis can’t seem to agree on how to pronounce his own name has been a source of interest as they consider whether or not to support the Florida governor in his run for president.

DeSantis pronounced his name “Dee-Santis” in the video where he initially announced his presidential candidacy, which was released on the first few days as a candidate.  In an interview with a South Carolina radio station, he encouraged listeners to visit the website “” During appearances with Fox News, Glenn Beck, and others last week, DeSantis said his name was “Deh-Santis.”

DeSantis became hostile when a Fox News reporter asked him how to pronounce his surname correctly.

DeSantis’s team did not respond to a question on how to pronounce his name.  

A Trump spokesperson remarked to Axios that if the Florida Governor can’t get his own name right, then how can he lead a country?