Donald Trump Fights Back Against Pelosi’s Witch Hunt Committee

( Former President Donald Trump isn’t taking far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s partisan antics lying down. After her ultra-partisan “January 6” select committee subpoenaed the former president and his former advisors to give testimony and hand over documents from his administration, he formally filed a lawsuit against the committee to block them from doing so in violation of the law.

Trump has sued the House Select Committee that claims to be investigating the origins of the January 6 protest, which Democrats wrongly claim was a violent insurrection incited by the former president. The lawsuit also named Rep. Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the committee, as well as the National Archives and national archivist David Ferriero as defendants in the suit.

According to Trump’s lawsuit, the request from the committee to hand over sensitive records, including records of internal communications between staff, is a violation of his executive privilege as President of the United States.

The lawsuit, which was seen by The Wall Street Journal, insists that the Committee’s requests amount to “nothing less than a vexatious, illegal fishing expedition openly endorsed by Biden and designed to unconstitutionally investigate President Trump and his administration.”

The suit adds that American laws do not allow “impulsive, egregious action against a former President and his close advisors.”


The Select Committee, which is made up entirely of anti-Trump politicians, is the most partisan in history and is based on the contested claim that Trump-inspired an insurrection. Despite the evidence showing that the former president told protesters to stay peaceful and, later, to go home, the Committee insists that former Trump advisors hand over detailed records about the decisions made by the president, vice president, and members of the Trump administration on January 6.

Anybody with a brain can see what they’re doing.

It’s their last shot at smearing, defaming, and attacking the former president before he officially announces a run for the presidency following the 2022 midterms.