Donald Trump Attends World Series Game 4

( Former President Donald Trump and Melania Trump attended Game 4 of the World Series Saturday night in Atlanta.

Trump and Melania watched the game from a private suite along with University of Georgia Heisman Trophy winner, and current Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker. Trump encouraged Walker to throw his hat into the primary race in hopes of ousting Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock in the 2022 Midterms.

Before the game, President Trump released a statement saying he was looking forward to attending the World Series in Atlanta. He thanked Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred and Randy Levine of the Yankees for inviting him to the game.

Subsequently, the MLB denied making the invitation to the Trumps, saying in a statement that Trump wasn’t invited, but rather requested to attend the game.

Earlier last week, Terry McGuirk, the CEO of the Atlanta Braves, said that the former President had called the MLB and said he wanted to come to the game. McGuirk said they were very surprised by Trump’s call, but “of course, we said yes.”

And naturally, the media and the Trump Deranged Resistance flew into a tizzy when during the game Trump and Melania were seen doing the “controversial” tomahawk chop along with all the other Braves fans.

Social media flew into a rage because, you know, it’s racist and stuff.

From CNN to USA Today to ABC News and all points in between, news outlets covered Trump and Melania’s offending “tomahawk chop” as if President Trump murdered somebody. And they all pointed out that this age-old Braves fans tradition is an “offensive stereotype of Native American culture.”

Good grief. These people are incapable of finding the fun in anything.

The media also got huffy and well-I-nevery when Trump was spotted chuckling and shaking his head when fans in the stadium began chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!”

What a bunch of killjoys.