Dominion Voting Systems Just Endorsed A Republican For Office

( The founder of a consulting firm that represents Dominion Voting systems, the company behind the voting machines that were responsible for the digital counting of votes in a number of states, recently sponsored a campaign fundraiser for a Republican candidate looking to represent the state of Pennsylvania in the United States Senate.

A report from The National Pulse reveals how Dave McCormick, who is hoping to take the seat of retiring Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, accepted the endorsement from Tony Fratto.

Fratto’s ties to Dominion is likely to raise questions and concerns for some, as the company has come under fire by many Republicans for allegedly facilitating fraud and misconduct in the 2020 presidential election.

Fratto also served as the Deputy Assistant to the President during the George W. Bush administration, and is the founder of Hamilton Place Strategies, a consulting firm that lists Dominion as one of its biggest clients.

Fratto has also repeatedly denied claims that Dominion is responsible for fraud and misconduct in the last election, claiming in December 2020:

“Again, none of this is true about Dominion voting machines, not a single word. None of it.”

The post, however, has since been deleted – and he hasn’t acknowledged it or explained why it was deleted.

Nonetheless, he’s throwing his weight behind a Republican candidate who must, presumably, be opposed to efforts by populist Republicans to ensure election integrity.

The fundraising event was held on January 24 in New York…not Pennsylvania.