DOJ Sends Threat To Anyone Blocking Children From Life-Ruining Puberty Blockers

( According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, the US Department of Justice has “placed on notice” politicians seeking to safeguard kids from puberty blockers and transgender procedures.
Psaki said that the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services had put Alabama’s lawmakers and other legislators on notice that laws and policies prohibiting health care professionals from recommending care for transgender minors may violate the Constitution and federal law.
Psaki referred to a measure passed by the Alabama Legislature that prohibits doctors from mutilating youngsters or placing them on puberty blockers if they “identify” as the opposite sex. The Alabama Senate enacted the parental rights bill that removes teachers’ “education” on sexuality and gender identity between kindergarten and fifth grade.
Republicans, according to Psaki, are “engaged in a troubling, cynical pattern of assaulting vulnerable transgender kids for solely partisan, political reasons” by fighting for parental rights and safeguarding children from irreversible trans operations and treatments.
Psaki suggested that Instead of focusing on critical kitchen-table issues like the economy, COVID, or addressing the country’s mental health crisis, Republican lawmakers in Alabama are currently debating legislation that, among other things, would target trans youth with tactics that threaten to put pediatricians in prison if they provide medically necessary, lifesaving health care for the kids they serve.
Psaki says that President Biden has pledged to fight for all Americans in both words and deeds, and he will not hesitate to hold these states responsible.
What’s lacking from “the debate around transgender kids,” according to Jesse Signal of The Cut, is the rate of desistance, which refers to children growing out of their gender uncertainty.
Signal highlighted 11 research that showed that the vast majority of gender-confused youngsters outgrow their confusion:
Amsterdam research followed up on 127 teenagers, 79 of whom were males, and discovered that 80 of them, or roughly two-thirds, had desisted and had now identified as cisgender. Meanwhile, [clinical psychologist Devita Singh’s 2012 dissertation] discovered that 122, or 88 percent, of the 139 former GIC patients she contacted, all of whom were natal males (born with a penis), had desisted.
And the evidence becomes considerably more substantial when you combine these two studies with the other, admittedly earlier and smaller ones Cantor describes, all of which find the same result. While the figures change from study to study, as one would expect from studies performed in different eras and other locations, the underlying theme remains consistent: When a child develops gender dysphoria, they are more likely to grow up to be a cisgender, homosexual, or bisexual adult.