DOJ Axes Federal Executions Under Weak Biden Administration

( President Joe Biden’s administration is continuing its efforts to disrupt all positive progress made by the Trump administration, with far-left Attorney General Merrick Garland revealing on Thursday that he would implement a freeze on all federal executions.

President Trump had resumed federal executions for the nation’s worst criminals last year after an almost 20-year pause. But Merrick Garland brought the executions to an end and announced the news in a memo to Department of Justice officials. He said that the pause would stay in place for the time it takes for his department to review policies and procedures.

Who knows how long that will take?

The Department, he said, must ensure that everyone within the federal criminal justice system is afforded their rights according to the United States Constitution and laws, but didn’t offer any explanation of why he thinks that people are not already being afforded their rights. It seems extremely unlikely that Constitution-minded Republicans, including President Trump, would have overridden the Constitution in the last administration…

So unlikely that we can say it just…didn’t happen.

The New York Times revealed that Garland has put Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco in charge of the review of the Justice Department’s policies related to federal executions. Garland has also requested the support of a number of divisions of the DOJ, including the Bureau of Prisons, and various advocacy groups to get involved.

During the Trump administration, 13 federal executions were carried out, which put an end to the lives of some of the nation’s most despicable murderers, including Lisa Montgomery who killed a pregnant woman and stole her unborn child.

It kind of sounds like the Biden administration is looking for ways to end federal executions altogether…