Disney Channel Star Accuses Hollywood Director Of Inappropriate Acts

(FiveNation.com)- According to an entertainment report, actress Bella Thorne claimed that when she was just ten years old, a Hollywood director verbally harassed her and accused her of trying to “flirt” with him.

In an appearance on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, she was asked about the alleged incident.  But Bella Thorne declined to name the director.

Thorne explained that a director gave her feedback when she was ten years old. He then called the casting director, who then called her agent, who then called her mother. The director alleged Thorne was flirting with him, making him uncomfortable.

Thorne opined that she could not have flirted with the director. It wasn’t possible.

She explained that there isn’t much you can say or do in a director session. There is no time to say inappropriate things like asking to sit on his lap or make him feel uncomfortable. You say hello, you do the scene, and you walk out.

She said that putting this cloud on a 10-year-old child and making it seem like they made an adult man uncomfortable is insane.  She said she doesn’t think there is a story about Hollywood or the adulteration of kids that is more screwed up.

Sadly, we have heard worse.

Reports show that a photo of Bella Thorne wearing a bikini on the beach when she was 14 years old leaked, which led to Disney being pressured to fire her. Thorne starred in the Shake It Up series on the Disney Channel.

Ratajkowski remarked that not only were they exploiting  Thorne, but they were also blaming her.

According to the report, Bella Thorne has claimed that while working as a child actress in the entertainment industry from the ages of six to 14, she was accosted and physically abused,  and those in her immediate vicinity did nothing about it. Thorne has experimented with OnlyFans and directed a pornographic film for the website Pornhub in recent years.

Why perpetuate the problem?