Disney Calls Parents “Paranoid” Over Child Indoctrination

(FiveNation.com)- The granddaughter of Disney co-founder Roy Disney appeared on Brian Stelter’s Sunday show “Reliable Sources” this weekend where she and Stelter proceeded to attack the Florida Parental Rights in Education law, despite neither of them having a clue what the law entails.

Abigail Disney, the heiress of the Disney fortune appeared on Stelter’s show as a follow-up to her inflammatory, hyper-dramatic Washington Post editorial published last week.

Disney was especially miffed over the use of the word “grooming” to describe teachers filling young children’s heads with age-inappropriate indoctrination on sexuality and “trans” ideology, calling it “absurd.”

What’s “absurd” is permitting teachers to discuss this garbage with children ages 5-8 while hiding it from their parents.

The heiress said laws designed to protect little children from this kind of grooming are “an attempt to push history backwards.”

You know, backward to a time when teachers taught children math and reading, science and history rather than how to tuck your genitals and bind your (currently non-existent) breasts.

Then, arguing against herself, Disney said that even if every reference to gays and every gay person was erased from the planet, some people would still be gay.

Exactly. So why on earth do elementary school teachers spend so much time grooming children? If gay people will still be gay, then teachers don’t need to try and turn young kids into sexually confused misfits while hiding it from their parents, do they?

But Disney’s problem here is clear. She doesn’t know what the Parental Rights in Education law says. Abigail Disney has bought into the “Don’t Say Gay” framing hook, line, and sinker. To her, it “feels like” the law wants to “erase” gay people.

The law doesn’t want to erase gay people. All the law does is bar teachers from discussing sex and “transgender ideology” with children in kindergarten through third grade.

But Disney wasn’t done. She accused the over 65 percent of parents who support Florida’s law of having a “paranoid imagination.”

She said the purpose of the law is to “create this idea” that people are trying to “indoctrinate your child, my goodness, the paranoid imagination can run circles with that.”

If Abigail Disney wants to go down the same route Virginia Democrats did during last year’s election and insult and demean concerned parents, then we should let her.

Let all the Democrats choose this hill to die on during an election year.