DHS Issues New Advisory Warning That COVID May Be Causing Extremists To Rise

(FiveNation.com)- On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security issued a terrorism advisory warning that “domestic extremists” may exploit the new easing of COVID-19 restrictions – a bizarre suggestion that the United States is at greater danger from domestic extremists now that laws are changing and allowing people to live their lives relatively as normal.

Wouldn’t domestic extremists just have ignored those rules anyway?

The DHS even admitted during the advisory warning that they had no information about specific plots, but suggested that people should be concerned anyway.

Doesn’t this just sound like efforts to legitimize claims by the Democrats that Republicans are a domestic terror threat on par with Islamists…or Black Lives Matter, for that matter?

“Ideologically-motivated violent extremists fueled by perceived grievances, false narratives, and conspiracy theories continue to share information online with the intent to incite violence,” the DHS bulletin explains.

In a series of tweets, Homeland Security said that domestic terrorists and groups are engaging in “grievance-based violence” and that some have been inspired or influenced by foreign terrorists – but didn’t explain exactly who those foreign terrorists are, or what they have inspired domestic extremists to do.

“DHS does not have any information to indicate a specific, credible plot,” the tweets read.

“However, DHS asks all Americans to report any suspicious activity and threats of violence to local law enforcement, @FBI Field Offices, or a local Fusion Center,” the tweet continues.

Secretary Mayorkas also issued a statement to CBS News saying that “today’s terrorism-related threat landscape is more complex, more dynamic, and more diversified than it was several years ago.”

He means Trump voters, right?

“We know that providing timely and useful information to the public is critical as we all work together to secure the homeland,” he added.

Maybe it would help if he actually provided timely and useful information to the public rather than vague warnings…