DeSantis Sending Weapons & Equipment To Help Israel

A spokesman of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis informed a media outlet that Israel will get weaponry, protection gear, and drones to bolster their ground invasion of Gaza.

In DeSantis’ latest move to support Israel, Jeremy Redfern explained that Florida has loaded cargo aircraft with medical supplies, drones, helmets, and body armor for Israeli first responders at the ask of the Israeli consul general in Miami, Florida. DeSantis has evacuated over 700 Americans from Israel to the U.S. since conflict broke out on Oct. 7.

Redfern claimed Florida is assisting Israel with weapons and ammo transfers via private firms and the consul general. Florida did not finance body armor, helmets, or lethal assistance, he said.

In a separate effort, reports show Rep. Cory Mills (R-Fla.) has come back to the US from Israel, but his work to bring home Americans has not ceased.

Despite several airlines canceling flights from and to Israel as the war with Hamas continues, the Florida Republican helped bring an additional 159 Americans back.

A State Department spokeswoman said Federal rules prohibit states and non-government organizations from exporting military-use products without State Department clearance. The Commerce Department controls certain munitions, guns, and dual-use products.

DeSantis and other Republican presidential hopefuls have criticized the Biden administration for its failure to withdraw Americans safely from Israel.

According to USA Facts, in 2022, the United States pledged nearly $3.3 billion in foreign aid to Israel. Only around $8.8 million went into the economy, while the Israeli military received 99.7 percent of the money.

That same year, the United States’ commitment of assistance to Israel was second only to the $12.4 billion given to Ukraine. Foreign assistance as a percentage of GDP in the two nations was 4.8% and 18.1%, respectively.

A report shows that a hundred million dollars worth of humanitarian aid from the United States was announced last week by President Biden for the Palestinians.

Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance said on CBS’s “Face that Nation” he does not believe the United States should offer help to Palestinians because it is unclear who would benefit more from a massive distribution of humanitarian supplies: the children in Gaza or the Hamas soldiers on the front lines?