Dennis Prager Says Capitol Hill Siege Not As Bad As Suppression of Free Speech

(FiveNation)- Dennis Prager, the radio show talk host and founder of Prager University, caused a stir among liberals this week when he said that the silencing of speech was worse than the Capitol Hill unrest.

To be clear, Prager did not defend the violent protesters who stormed the Capitol Building on January 6. Instead, Prager said during an interview on American Thought Leaders with the Epoch Times that the unrest was “vile” and “disgusting,” while also saying people cannot ignore the far greater threat posed by the radical left and the silencing of speech.

Prager was asked his thoughts about criticism of conservatives by left-wing media that they are more focused on free speech than criticizing the Capitol riot.

However, Prager said that the two are “incomparably imbalanced” in terms of the threat they pose to the United States – with one being a short riot and the other being a long-term threat to the United States and everything the country stands for.

“The whole point of America was freedom,” he said. “The left is suppressing, oppressing the greatest feature of the United States.”

“What threatens the country? A foolish, stupid, wrongheaded, vile attack on the Capitol, which reopen ed for business within hours, versus the ongoing suppression of free speech?” he asked. “It’s not symmetrical.”

The Capitol Hill riot was quickly quashed by police officers though there were tragically several injured and killed during the unrest. Nonetheless, there have been dozens of arrests and those responsible are being held accountable.

Meanwhile, the suppression of free speech continues and is just getting worse. Last week, President Donald Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter along with more than 70,000 conservative accounts.

“The disgusting events of January 6 do not threaten this country nearly as much as the suppression of free speech does,” Prager added.

The popular conservative commentator also said that the left suppresses liberty everywhere and takes power wherever possible.

Prager’s comments come not just after the president was permanently banned from Twitter, but after the Google and Apple app stores removed social media platform Parler. After mobile users were blocked from downloading the app, Amazon then withdrew its Amazon Web Services meaning the entire website went down.

And Parler still cannot be accessed.

With Democrats set to take control of all three chambers of government in a mere matter of days, Americans could soon see the biggest crackdown on free speech in American history.