Dems TERRIFIED, Admit Trump Is Succeeding In Suburbs

( Insiders from the Democratic Party are allegedly scared that President Donald Trump is set for a victory in November, because his message to the American middle class is “working.” A new report shows that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s pledge to end community control of zoning laws is proving unpopular and President Trump’s support is only growing.

In interviews with Politico, Democrat insiders acknowledged that the American suburbs are more likely to vote for President Trump than they might have been previously.

Holly Lyon, the chair of Pinal County, Arizona’s Democratic Party, said that Trump’s efforts are paying off.

“There is that little sort of unsettled feeling people because we can tell that [Trump’s messaging] is grabbing hold, and it’s working,” she said.

Two other Democratic strategists who attended focus groups of suburban voters recently described to Politico how people in the suburbs are “increasingly concerned about unrest in urban centers.” Both strategists, however, claimed that it was unclear whether that uncertainty would push them to Biden or Trump.

Is anyone really under any illusions here that Joe Biden will do anything other than just capitulate to the demands of the violent mob and do so every time they start engaging in violence again?

One of the strategists who spoke to Politico, however, said that a focus group of white, college-educated women showed that they are concerned about property values and their mortgages. That’s a message President Trump has been hammering home for months now, and one that could well pay off.

What’s more, the Housing and Urban Development agency recently ended housing regulations implemented by the Obama administration that forcefully diversified suburban communities. The rules meant that middle-class areas were required to accept low-income housing which often means higher levels of crime.

By reversing the rule, President Trump allowed people who worked their whole lives to live in safe, suburban environments to continue enjoying their homes without being concerned about rising levels of crime.

Democrats have good reason to be terrified because Biden wants to do the opposite. And voters don’t want the opposite. According to pledges made by the Democratic presidential nominee, they plan to expand Section 8 vouchers and require the abolishment of local zoning laws. It would mean that communities would be packed with low-income families and forcing people to mix, meaning nobody (including people from low-income houses) will be able to move up in the world and move to safer communities.

How did the Democrats think that would be a winning strategy?