Democrats Want To Put Pelosi In Charge If 1/6 Commission Fails

( Last week the Senate failed to advance a vote on the bill establishing a January 6 Commission. As a result House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to be moving on to Plan B.

Instead of a commission, the Speaker is considering establishing a House Select Committee, much like the Benghazi committee of 2015, to investigate the melee at the Capitol where one protestor was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer.

Prior to the Senate vote, House Majority Whip James Clyburn appeared on CNN Newsroom to discuss Plan B.

Watch the interview HERE.

Interesting that Clyburn is accusing Republicans of politics when the Democrats appear to be using the same playbook on January 6 that they used on the supposed “Russian Collusion” narrative. Namely House committees spending their time investigating in order to keep the narrative front and center in the news all the way up to the Midterm elections.

Texas Democrat Joaquin Castro also confirmed to CNN that Pelosi’s select committee Plan B is most definitely in the works.

Creating a select committee would empower the Democrats to issue subpoenas and hold hearings for as long as they like – all to further the claim that Trump was somehow behind it.

Congressional Republicans seem to realize that the purpose of dragging this out has far more to do with the 2022 Midterm elections than it does with “finding the truth.”

Some Republicans, however, who favored the establishment of the Commission are claiming that by blocking its formation, Republicans effectively ceded any investigation of January 6 to Nancy Pelosi.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is claiming the same thing – saying Democrats preferred to do this investigation in a bipartisan way, all but blaming Republicans for forcing the Democrats to conduct the investigations themselves.

Whether or not a supposed “bipartisan” commission would have actually been bipartisan seems unlikely.

When Pelosi first floated the idea of a “9/11-style” commission back in February, she claimed that her commission would have a greater emphasis on diversity than the 9/11 Commission.

“What were there, nine people?” Pelosi said at the time. “All white, one woman. It [her commission] would look different.”

If the emphasis is on diversity and not on objective fact-finding, does anyone really believe it would truly be a bipartisan search for the truth?