Democrats Start Squirming On Critical Race Theory Issues

( Stacey Abrams, the far-left Democrat and architect behind Georgia’s “get out and vote” programs in Georgia, has totally reversed course on her opposition to voter ID laws. It comes after Democrats and Republicans sparred over the issue of voter ID in the wake of the last election.

Democrats are also preparing the “For the People Act,” a piece of legislation that would make permanent many of the temporary voting regulations put in place for November last year.

Even though Abrams and other far-left Democrats have called voter ID laws racist, something has changed. Abrams said on Thursday that she could throw her support behind a proposal by Democratic Senator for West Virginia, Joe Manchin, even if it does contain provisions for voter ID.

Manchin is considered the primary stumbling block for the Democrats in passing voter ID laws. He has refused to support the For the People Act as it would legalize widespread ballot harvesting and make it easier for people who are not eligible to vote to cast ballots in national elections.

Abrams appeared to be willing to appease Manchin in the hope of at least passing some Democrat ideas on “voter rights.” She also wrongly claimed that Democrats have never “objected to having to prove who are you are to vote.”

But that’s wrong. Republicans have repeatedly insisted that it is essential for voters to prove who they are before casting a vote, and only in March this year, Abrams claimed that voter ID laws were “racist” and “Jim Crow in a suit and tie.”


Abrams told CNN that she could “absolutely” support any proposal by Manchin even if it includes voter ID provisions, signaling that Democrats are reversing course as it looks less and less likely that they can pass the radical “For the People Act” in its current state.

The only question is…how much is Manchin willing to accept?