Democrats Seize On GOP Opposition

( Unsurprisingly, Democrats are going hard at Republicans for refusing to support their ultra-partisan and controversial commission to investigate the “truth” about the January 6 riots in Washington, D.C. The commission, which would be established by a bill that has already passed in the House, has been described as a “partisan weapon” by Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio and is widely recognized as an effort by the Democrats to further smear former President Donald Trump as the orchestrator of a violent “insurrection.”

Democrats continue to disingenuously suggest that the panel would be partisan, citing plans for there to be an equal number of Democrats and Republicans on the commission. However, the plans would also allow for the head of the commission to choose all senior staff and to overrule panel members.

The Hill reports that Democrats are pouncing on the fact that the Republicans won’t readily support the legislation. Speaking to New York-based Democratic strategist Jon Reinish, The Hill revealed how Democrats may use Republican opposition to appeal to swing voters.

“They saw this happen. It is impossible for the American public to forget January 6 because everybody watched it unfold in real-time on TV in an unfiltered way,” Reinish said.

But do the American people really believe the false narrative that former President Trump incited an insurrection?

Reinish falsely claimed that Republicans are engaging in “historical revisionism” by disagreeing with the Democrats’ version of events.

But the FBI has even disputed Democrat claims – starting just a few days after January 6, when the FBI said that there was “no direct evidence” that any of the protesters operated as “capture and assassinate” teams.

As it stands, only one Republican Senator is on board to vote in favor of the commission – Senator Mitt Romeny – and a further nine Republicans will be required for it to pass. And if Reinish is right, the Democrats are ready to slam Republicans for “historical revisionism” if they fail to support it.

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