Democrats Revolt As Biden’s Migrant Crisis Takes Hold

Reports show Democrats from blue states are at odds with President Biden on the influx of illegal migrants from border states.

In addition to Governor Kathy Hochul, the mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, has been vocal in his criticism of the Biden administration. The impact of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s busing plan is being felt in other blue cities, such as Chicago and Boston.

Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin said he had attempted to contact Biden, urging him to take further action in response to the issue. Durbin told the media it had been over four months since he wrote him a letter in May.

Democrats in blue states have mostly asked President Biden to speed up the process of issuing work permits to illegal migrants so that they may find jobs and support themselves rather than relying on public assistance.

Last month, Democrat governors such as Hochul and Massachusetts’ Maura Healey proclaimed an immigration emergency.

A report explains that Illegal immigrants from every corner of the world who are wreaking havoc in New York and other parts of the United States did not just ‘discover’ their way here. They are being shuttled throughout Central America from one camp to another by a network of NGOs using contract bus services. The United States government provides a significant portion of the money for all of this.

New York City anticipates spending $5 billion on migrants in the current fiscal year. Together, the city’s Sanitation, Fire, and Park Services cost that much. The cost will rise in proportion to the number of illegal immigrants.

Unlike the federal government, New York cannot just create additional money. That means trash won’t be collected, fire stations will shut down, people will start dying while waiting for an ambulance, playgrounds will be shuttered, and parks will be trashed in the cities.

Mayor Adams is having posters produced to distribute at the Mexican border since the situation is so dire in New York City. Leaflets say that New York cannot accommodate any more illegal immigrants, so “asylum” applicants should go elsewhere.