Democrats Pull Trigger On New “Nuclear Option”

( Democrats are reportedly doubling down on their anti-democratic efforts to end the Senate filibuster, with reports indicating that the idea has become the “new litmus test” for Democratic candidates running for the United States Senate in battleground states.

The Washington Times reports that Democrats running in primary races across Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have all vowed to eliminate the Senate filibuster. It means that these prospective Democratic candidates want to see an end to bipartisan lawmaking, allowing Senate Democrats to pass some of the most extreme proposed legislation this country has ever seen without reaching across the aisle to negotiate with Republicans on issues hugely important to the American voters.

It comes as moderate Democratic senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin face an extreme backlash from Democrats at all levels of government for refusing to back President Joe Biden’s extremist “Build Back Better” agenda and his anti-American voting legislation that would disadvantage American citizens by making it easier for illegal aliens to vote in presidential races.

Former Rep. Abby Finkenauer wrote in a recent fundraising email for her Iowa Senate campaign that Reps. Manchin and Sinema are refusing to make positive moves for working families. Her unfounded claim appeared to be a direct criticism of their refusal to back legislation that would make President Joe Biden’s inflation crisis even worse, forcing up the price of food, gas, and household items even further.

Finkenauer went on to claim that the “entire Democratic agenda” rests “in the hands of two people.”

What she failed to acknowledge, however, is that under her plan to end the Senate filibuster, the fate of the entire country would rest in the hands of 50% of the United States Senate, with the casting vote made by the Vice President.

Isn’t it more democratic to pass legislation with 60 votes, reaching as broad a compromise as possible, than just passing extreme legislation via a simple vote in Congress?

This is the most extreme Democratic Party and the most extreme Congress this country has ever seen. And Democrats are openly running on extreme policies.