Democrats In Big Trouble, New Data Shows

( Reports suggest that the Democrats have reason to be concerned about their chances of keeping hold of their control of the House and Senate in next year’s midterm elections. The Hill reports that the Democrats are now facing “growing headaches” over their massive social spending bill – the $3.5 trillion monster of a package that the Democrats just can’t get passed – and that Biden is expected to meet with groups of progressives and moderates on Tuesday to help unify his party.

If he’s unable to do this, and bring together far-left radicals like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and moderate liberals like Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, then the president will be unable to enjoy the benefit of controlling Congress and will likely suffer big when people turn out to vote next year.

Although let’s be honest, even if President Joe Biden did manage to pass this extreme spending package, is it really all that more likely that people will turn out and vote Democrat again next year?

Given the inflation problem we’re experiencing right now, and the fact his $3.5 trillion bill would make it worse, it’s hard to imagine that scenario.

The Hill reports that instead of narrowing their differences, the Democratic Party is dealing with a “near-constant whack-a-mole” of new problems over recent days, ranging from child care, climate change policy, and the intense fighting going on between radical progressives and moderates.

The mood among the Democrats was described by Democratic Senator Dick Durbin as “anxious, not frustrated,” adding that the longer they wait the less likely they are going to produce something that the American people actually want.

And with far-left Senator Bernie Sanders arguing publicly with Senator Joe Manchin over the proposed spending package, things don’t look good. Sanders even used an op-ed in a West Virginia newspaper to attack Manchin, a senator of that state.

If the Democrats can’t get Manchin and Sinema on board, then Republicans might just have the time they need to win back control of the House and Senate and block some of President Joe Biden’s most extreme plans.

Can the Democrats pull something out of the hat in just one more year?