Democrats Exploit Child In New Video Ad Showing Him Wearing Body Armor

( A Democrat-affiliated PAC in Texas has released an anti-Greg Abbott ad featuring a child wearing body armor and a helmet before leaving for school.

Sure, that’s not at all subtle.

The Mothers Against Greg Abbott PAC’s 30-second ad shows a mom dressing her elementary school-age son in tactical gear while cheerful music calling for keeping children “safe and free” plays in the background.

The ad ends with the tagline “Our children are not soldiers” and urges Texas voters to “vote for change” (AKA vote for Democrats who will take your guns away).

This ad will change nobody’s mind. It will, however, be lauded as “powerful” by Texas voters who already agree with the message. For the majority of Texans, however, the ad will roll off them like rain on a duck’s back.

The Mothers Against Greg Abbott PAC has been urging people to donate to its ActBlue account if they want to stop Greg Abbott’s “increasingly divisive, dangerous, and downright stupid policies.”

If they really opposed anything divisive, dangerous, and downright stupid, they wouldn’t be promoting Abbott’s Democrat challenger Robert “Beto” O’Rourke.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the group is urging people to sign their letter demanding Greg Abbott support gun control. Of course, anybody who signs this “letter” will automatically go on the PAC’s mailing list and will be bombarded with fundraising emails from now until the end of time.