Democrats Blacklist Biden For 2024 In New Poll

( President Joe Biden’s approval ratings aren’t just struggling among Republicans and Independents – Democrats are unhappy with him, too.

According to a new survey performed by SSRS for CNN, some 51% of Democrat voters and Democrat-leaning voters don’t want Biden to run for office again in 2024. Only 45% said that they would support Biden in a second run.

The poll was performed between January 10 and February 6 and asked 1,527 American adults their opinion on Biden’s performance so far. The survey also revealed the main reasons why people don’t want Biden to run again.

Some 31% of those who don’t want Biden to run for a second time said that their reasoning is that they don’t want him to be president for another four years, while some 35% said that it was because they don’t believe that Biden could beat whatever candidate the Republicans put up against him. The remainder cited a number of other issues, with the most common being concerns about his age. Some 19% said that Biden is simply too old to run for president again.

And while most Democrats don’t want him to run again, only 12% of those who responded to the poll have an idea about who they would like to see run in 2024. No single prospective candidate named by the respondents achieved more than 5% support, meaning the race to be the Democrats’ next presidential nominee is wide open.

Let’s face it – Kamala Harris isn’t exactly on the best footing to take the nomination, is she?

See the full poll results here.