Democrats Alienating 2022 Swing Voters With Leftist Push, Data Shows

( Newt Gingrich, the former Republican Speaker of the House for many years, has been conducting polling of swing voters that’s quite extensive.

His work in the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections is clearly showing one thing. Democrats are alienating swing voters with their push for big government, big spending and race relations.

Gingrich recently shared the results of his polling with media outlet Just the News. It shows that U.S. voters overwhelmingly prefer capitalism in a free market over the socialism and big government that the Biden administration seems to be ramming down everyone’s throats.

The majority of swing voters also believe that critical race theory isn’t worth pushing, and they oppose movements to defund police departments across the country.

At its core, the polling shows that swing voters — who Democrats are going to desperately need to attract if they want to retain control of both chambers of Congress next year — believe Democrats are overreaching.

As Gingrich said while appearing on the podcast John Solomon Reports recently:

“With Biden’s election, the left went crazy. They totally misunderstood what had happened [in 2020], and they decided this was their moment to go out and be who they really are, which for most Americans is pretty horrifying, frankly. And the result was they took a series of steps that I think are unsustainable.”

The survey data was compiled by John McLaughlin, a pollster for former President Donald Trump, back in August. Gingrich is now using the data to help Republicans prepare for the 2022 midterm elections so they can use language that will resonate well with voters.

The former House speaker’s main advice is for Republican candidates to relentlessly draw a distinction between “free-market capitalism” that conservatives tout and the “big government socialism” that’s at the core of President Joe Biden’s agenda.

He cautioned Republican candidates:

“You need all six words. If it’s capitalism versus socialism, capitalism wins, but not by a decisive margin. But if it’s free market capitalism versus big government socialism, it’s a 59% to 16% issue. And that changes everything.”

The polling Gingrich conducted focused exclusively on swing voters. These people can’t be reliably put into either the Republican or Democratic bucket come election day. They often consider themselves independents, and will vote for both parties at times, based on a number of factors.

These swing voters may prove to be key in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, as Democrats hold only a slight majority in both the House and Senate.

According to the polling data, 69% of these voters agree “the big government socialists are taking over from the traditional moderate Democrats and now define the Democratic Party.” Only 31% of people disagreed with that statement.

Further, one of socialists’ biggest agenda items, to defund the police, doesn’t resonate well with swing voters. According to the polling, 68% believe police actually need more training and funding, with only 31% believing that money going toward police now should be redirected to other social services.