Democrat Yells “Spare Me Your Bullsh*t About Constitutional Rights” During Debate

( During a House hearing last week, Rhode Island Democrat Congressman David Cicilline let the country know just how the Democrat Party feels about the constitutionally-protected rights of the American people.

In an outburst over Republicans’ concerns that proposed gun control legislation would violate the due process rights of American citizens and their right to keep and bear arms, a performatively angry Cicilline said the victims of shootings didn’t have their “constitutional right to life respected,” adding “so spare me the bullshit about constitutional rights.”

It is ironic that Cicilline would decry those whose constitutional right to life wasn’t respected given his full-throated support for abortion on demand.

But this, in a nutshell, describes the Democrat Party’s position.

The Bill of Rights is bullshit if it gets in the way of the Democrat Party’s agenda.

This is the same attitude we saw from the Democrat Party and the Left during the COVID lockdowns. If you objected to the government forcing you to close your business, you were putting your “rights” ahead of Grandma’s life. In short, “Forget your constitutional rights; this is a pandemic!”

Like Joe Biden repeatedly claiming that the Second Amendment isn’t “absolute,” Cicilline shows his derision for the Constitution he took an oath to protect and defend.

And while his potty-mouthed tirade was celebrated among the blue-check Twitter Leftists, Cicilline’s disdain for the Bill of Rights may not play well out here in the real world.

Expect to see Republican House candidates make liberal use of this video clip in campaign ads this fall.