Democrat Says Clarence Thomas More Dangerous Than Confederacy

( Georgia Republicans have presented a proposal to include a statue of US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on the statehouse grounds in Atlanta. But some Georgia Democrats aren’t keen on the idea.

Clarence Thomas, the nation’s second black man to sit on the Supreme Court, is a native of Pin Point, just outside of Atlanta. State Senator Ben Watson, who serves the coastal area where Justice Thomas grew up, along with State Senators Jason Anavitarte and Brian Strickland, believe that it is “fitting and proper” to honor the Georgia native and the Supreme Court’s longest-serving justice.

But because Thomas is a constitutionalist and originalist, Democrats can’t bring themselves to approve.

And in their opposition, some Democrats are dredging up Anita Hill as a reason not to honor the Justice Thomas with a statue. Hill was the lawyer who, during Thomas’ confirmation hearing, accused him of sexual harassment as a way to derail his nomination. Several state Democrats vowed to fight the plan, arguing that to place a statue of Thomas at the statehouse would be an insult to Hill and all victims of sexual harassment.

What nonsense.

Even then-Senator Joe Biden, who was chairman of the Judiciary Committee at the time and attacked Thomas ruthlessly, later told his Republican colleague Arlen Specter that Anita Hill was lying.

It was during Senator Specter’s questioning of Hill that her story fell apart. She repeatedly contradicted earlier statements or comments she made in interviews. In short, Hill’s testimony simply didn’t hold up.

To invoke a discredited accuser as reason to oppose a statue of Clarence Thomas is cynical at best.

But the worst response came from Democrat state representative Donna McLeod. McLeod, who also used Anita Hill as a weapon against Thomas, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she would rather the statehouse keep a Confederate monument than include a statue of Justice Thomas.

Because apparently a man who grew up in the segregated South and faced racism and bigotry his whole life is no better than the Confederates in Donna McLeod’s eyes.

It is such an ignorant and loathsome thing to say.

But then again, it is exactly the kind of a thing we’ve come to expect from a Democrat politician.