Democrat Official Asks How To “DEPROGRAM” 75 Million Trump Voters

( David Atkins, a member of the Democratic National Committee, made the shocking suggestion on Wednesday nigh that 75 million people who support President Donald Trump need to be “deprogrammed.” The Democrat official made it very clear in a series of tweets that he believes millions of Americans should not be allowed to disagree with him or the Democratic Party platform.

“No seriously…how *do* you deprogram 75 million people?” he asked on Wednesday night, before pondering whether action needed to be taken against Fox News or Facebook.

“We have to start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan,” he said. “Or the failures of Reconstruction in the South.”

Atkins went on to position himself as an arbiter of truth, suggesting that this is “not your standard partisan policy disagreement.” It was a claim that would be disputed by most, if not all, of the 75 million people who supported President Donald Trump in this election.

“This is a conspiracy theory fueled belligerent death cult against reality & basic decency,” he said.

This, from a man who supports a party that makes lists of people that they don’t like? And engage in far-left violence and intimidation against Trump supporters?


Atkins completely dismissed the concerns of millions of people, labelling “the right” – meaning conservatives – as conspiracy theorists.

“The Right has been running 4 years on ‘fuck your feelings, my conspiracy theories are valid opinions, and we have more guns,” he claimed.

His comments are representative of a wider trend among Democrats to smear and attack conservatives for opposing their far-left radicalism and progressive policies, but also to dismiss their concerns as illegitimate.

As Human Events editor Will Chamberlain said…

…the left would rather toss you in a gulag than make a serious, good-faith attempt to persuade you.