Democrat Leaders Storm Out Of Room In Planned Publicity Stunt

( Democrats are apparently desperate to teach white school children that they are inherently racist because of their skin color. That was the message from Mississippi Democrat state senators who walked out of the Senate chamber last week when Republicans introduced a bill that would ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the state’s schools.

Republican state Senator Michael McLendon introduced the bill that says no public institution of higher learning, school district, public school, community or junior college, or public charter school will be able to “direct or otherwise compel students to personally affirm, adopt, or adhere to any of the 26 following tenets.”

It went on to list the ideas that come with Critical Race Theory, including the idea that black schoolchildren are victims because of their skin color, that people can be inherently racist without thinking it, and that more resources should be given to non-white students to make up for historical wrongs.

Under the bill, no state funds will be given to any schools or educational institutions that push these racist ideas.

The legislation, which you can read more about here, was designed to remove division from classrooms and ensure that children get a politically unbiased education that doesn’t pit students against one another. However, Democratic state senators walked out of the room as some kind of protest against the bill.

Incredible, Democratic state Senator John Horhn told local media that he believes the legislation would “slow us down on coming together” and that he believes it is “going to drive a wedge between us that doesn’t need to be driven.”

That’s called gaslighting. It means that somebody accuses you of doing something, when they’re the ones actually doing what they claim.

Watch the state senators walking out on this important anti-racist legislation below:

Why are Democrats so obsessed with teaching children to look at their peers through a racial lens?