Democrat Governor Criticizes Trump for “Negativity and Whining”

NEW YORK, USA - Sep 21, 2017: President of the United States Donald Trump during a meeting with the president of Ukraine in New York

Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Josh Shapiro had sharp words last week for Donald Trump, blasting the former president for “whining” about the country and seeking to divide the American people.

While appearing on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” the Democrat governor and Biden’s former press secretary discussed Donald Trump’s conviction in the Manhattan hush money case in late May.

When asked if he thought Trump’s guilty verdict would be an issue for Pennsylvania voters in the November election, Shapiro admitted that he didn’t know what kind of impact Trump’s legal problems would have on the race.

He said most voters are more concerned about “safe communities,” “economic opportunities,” their children’s education, and protecting their freedoms. He added that voters wanted a president who was “honest and decent” and “on their side,” which he suggested described President Biden.

Shapiro said that the only thing Donald Trump is doing on the campaign trail is “whining about this country,” and suggested that Trump should stop whining and “trying to divide” Americans.

The Democrat governor, whose state will play a key role in the November election, claimed that Biden gave the country “the strongest economy in the world.” He claimed that the US was “beating China for the first time in decades” and suggested that more Americans were employed now than at “any other time” in the history of the country.

Shapiro called on the presumptive Republican nominee to “stop sh*t-talking America,” adding that the United States was “the greatest country on Earth” and Trump should act like it.

Shapiro said voters in Pennsylvania know that America “is a great country” and that the American people have “a whole lot going for us.” He suggested that if voters wanted to “continue this path of progress,” they should stop listening “to the whining” of Donald Trump and “focus on a positive future” laid out by President Biden.