Democrat Facing Calls To Resign After Racist Rant

( A far-left Democrat state Representative for Maine, Rep. Charlotte Warren, is facing calls to resign after she made shocking and vile statements on Facebook about “straight white men.”

On Wednesday, Fox 22 reported how protesters turned up outside the Hallowell City Hall, which is in Warren’s district, and expressed their anger at her blatantly racist and sexist post on Facebook. The post wasn’t just on her Facebook profile, but even appeared on the official Maine State Facebook page.

Writing on July 1, Rep. Warren said that after 20 years in politics she has arrived at the conclusion that “straight white men are too emotional to be in politics.”

She said that her “queer and gal pals” should consider her words a “call to action” and told white men to “check their priviledge.”

She’s the one who made the spelling mistake, by the way. Not us.

Imagine if a Democrat tore into “gay Black women” this way…

A petition to remove Warren from his position was created by concerned local people, which describes how her comments are an infringement of the rights of Maine constitutions to petition their government based on their perceived emotional state, gender, and skin color. It comes after Warren said that anybody who wants to complain about her comments will have their comments deleted.

A move that the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine has said public officials are not allowed to do.

But it doesn’t sound like Rep. Warren is all that interested in following the rules…or perhaps isn’t smart enough to realize that there are rules in the first place.

The petition, which you can find here, adds that Warren is interfering with “entire demographics” and infringing Constitutionally protected freedom of speech and the right to petition the government.