Democrat Activist From Parkland Shooting Helps Push CCP Propaganda

( During an interview with a Chinese propaganda source, a student who survived the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, in 2018 and has since become a liberal activist referred to the United States as a white supremacist country.

According to statements made by Ryan Deitsch to the Global Times, which is owned and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, “this is a white supremacist country, and the founding fathers who drafted our constitution were white supremacists and slave owners. These tenets remain important to our doctrine.”

After the massacre, Deitsch made many appearances in the media, including an altercation with Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida during a town hall event hosted by CNN in 2018. He has since become an activist on the left. He claims that he served as a delegate on the Democratic National Committee’s platform committee and that Senator Bernie Sanders selected him for that position (I., Vt.). On his LinkedIn profile, he states that the primary focus of his work on the committee was “clarifying language around sex worker protections.”

The ethnic Uyghur minority in China has targeted China’s systematic and ongoing genocide for years. A bill that imposes sanctions on China for its violations of human rights and prohibits imports from Xinjiang, where a significant community of Uyghurs lives and works, was approved by Congress in December.

The term “white supremacy” has been leveled at their opponents multiple times by left-wing intellectuals and Democratic politicians. An official with the Minnesota Democratic Party praised the individuals who torched the Third Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department during the summer of 2020, claiming that “fetishizing decorum… is a characteristic of white supremacy.” This celebration took place in August. Activists have also rewritten traditional school curricula and removed admissions examinations, arguing that these practices are remnants of “white supremacy.”

While Deitsch was speaking about the massacre on Saturday at a store in Buffalo, an 18-year-old white nationalist gunman shot and killed ten black people; he did not mention the second incident of racial violence that took place the next day. On Sunday, a shooter opened fire inside a California church predominantly attended by people from Taiwan. The local sheriff’s office alleged that the shooter was a Chinese immigrant who harbored a deep-seated hatred for Taiwanese people.