David Hogg Says Buying A Car Is A Good Replacement For Having Children

(FiveNation.com)- Gun-control activist David Hogg announced some terrific news last week when he said on Twitter that he would not be having children.

In a lengthy Twitter thread on September 18, the obnoxious glory-hound said children have become a new luxury item that only a few people can afford and for “Millennials and Gen Z” pets have become the affordable alternative to children.

And because David Hogg is the most self-absorbed narcissist on the planet, he explained that he is never planning to have children. Instead, he “would much rather own a Porsche.”

So children are luxury items but a Porsche isn’t?

How did this guy ever make it into Harvard?

But the big reason David Hogg doesn’t plan on having kids is that he refuses to raise children in a country “that values f*cking guns over children’s lives.”

Well, you knew eventually he’d get around to guns. If it weren’t for guns, nobody would have ever heard of this guy.

Hogg claimed that he knows “far too many parents who have lost their kids” to gun violence and nobody “should ever feel that kind of pain. Ever.”

Is this his way of saying those children were better off never being born? What are the odds the parents who loved them share David’s ghoulish opinion?

Most conservatives on Twitter thanked David Hogg for voluntarily removing himself from the gene pool, just in case his particular brand of “Look At Me” activism is hereditary.