David Axelrod Tries To Shame Monica Lewinsky For Affair By Suggesting “Daddy Issues”

(FiveNation.com)- Former Obama flack and CNN contributor David Axelrod had Monica Lewinsky on his podcast last week where he proceeded to ask Lewinsky if she had her affair with Bill Clinton because of her difficult relationship with her father.

When did David Axelrod become a psychiatrist?

During the interview, Lewinsky talked about her childhood and her relationship with her parents, which she described as having “a lot of different traumas.” She explained that she struggles to remember “moments of joy” when she looks back on her childhood, telling Axelrod that she wanted to be “daddy’s little girl.” But her father, raised by German Jews, didn’t know how to do that.

Lewinsky said that, in some ways, she felt as if she couldn’t understand “the dysfunction or the difficulties” in her childhood until her parents got divorced. That was when she realized that she was “struggling to hold onto the fantasy” of what she thought her family was or what she wanted her family to be.

Lewinsky recounted how she left home at fourteen after her parents’ divorce to attend community college, adding that she didn’t have the tools “to navigate these things,” and ultimately her relationship with her father turned rocky.

Then Axelrod jumped in with what he called an “impertinent question,” asking if her difficult relationship with her father, along with a previous relationship with an older man, was somehow connected to why she ultimately had her affair with Bill Clinton.

Lewinsky pointed out that everybody’s childhood impacts their adulthood, then explained that lots of her friends had similar experiences with their parents and they didn’t end up in a global scandal.

While she admitted that her bad relationship with her father probably impacted her life and her relationships, Lewinsky dismissed the attempts to tie it all up in the neat package of “Oh, I just have father issues.”

She shared with Axelrod some of the not-so-healthy relationships she had when she was younger and said that “of course” those experiences were going to impact how she relates to other men. What she objects to, Lewinsky explained, was people using past experiences as an excuse rather than simply admitting that they made bad choices and learning to do better.