Current Threats to America’s Constitutional Republic

Current Threats to America's Constitutional Republic

( – The American way of life has fallen under attack at different times in history, but many people may not realize there are ongoing, current threats to the constitutional republic today. These threats could affect the freedoms we all enjoy, and it’s important to understand what’s at stake as issues unfold.

The Loss of Freedom for Debate and Discussion

One of the reasons America works so well is people are free to debate and discuss their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and ideas. People who work with and talk to others are people who continue to advance and explore. Even if an idea is unacceptable initially, the process of discussion and debate usually results in a compromise that works for a larger number of people.

A debate can also reveal an idea as the best solution to the problem at hand, even if it’s not perfect or even completely desirable. Without the freedom to discuss and debate these notions and thoughts, though, there’s a real threat to the constitutional republic and the freedoms of the American people. Taking that freedom away could result in a dictatorship and not the constitutional republic we enjoy today.

The Loss of Being Heard

People need to be heard, whether it’s in a relationship, a classroom, or a society. Right now, the American government gives people this opportunity. While we may not always get what we want, or agree on what our leaders are doing, we do have the option to express our opinions and oftentimes, be acknowledged.

If this were to change, people used to being heard will understandably become more frustrated and angry at losing their say. This can lead to undesired results including violence and riots.

The Loss of Compromise

Compromise is healthy and important, and it’s part of how America’s constitutional republic operates. It’s an essential part of our way of life and helps to keep tyranny at bay. Without compromise, the majority could simply decide upon action. Conversely, the minority could continually veto suggestions and plans, stopping anything from getting done.

A loss of the ability and opportunity to compromise could mean significant consequences for society as a whole.

No matter which side of an issue a person is on, the opportunities to compromise, be heard, and have the freedom to debate and discuss issues are vitally important parts of living in a constitutional republic like the United States. Addressing these threats to keep them at bay is a responsible and significant way to keep the country healthy and strong for everyone who makes it their home.

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