Crumbl in Heated Legal Battle with Competitor

In the United States and across the world, cookies are a mainstay when it comes to all-around dessert menus and late-night cravings. Whether it be chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, classic sugar, pumpkin, or a plethora of other delicious flavors and types, it is safe to say cookies in any form are almost always appetizing. Inevitably, entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals across the nation are capitalizing on American’s insatiable appetites for these sweet treats. A relatively new restaurant franchise named Crumbl has emerged in recent years, selling large, sugary cookies made to order and offering a rotating menu of flavors (with cookie options rotating weekly). Not everything in the cookie world is all smiles and satisfaction, though- the company is embroiled in lawsuit against one of its main competitors.

In early August, a federal judge halted an attempt for Crumbl to impose an injunction against the company Dirty Dough, a rival. The lawsuit initially began in May of 2022, when Crumbl accused a former employee, Mr. Brad Maxwell, of stealing baking recipes and other internal related manuscripts and providing them to the rival company Dirty Dough. His brother, Bennett Maxwell is one of Dirty Dough’s founders. Bradley had previously been employed as a process engineer for Crumbl before this development occurred. In a ruling on August 11th, U.S. District Judge Howard C. Nielson Jr. decided against the injunction, stating that Dirty Dough could be permitted to continue to open and operate franchises, but did state that he believed that Crumbl has a chance of success as the suit progresses.

This would not be the first lawsuit Crumbl has leveled against a competitor. Also earlier in the year, Crumbl sued another rival company called Crave, alleging that the name, advertising and marketing strategies of the company were too similar to that of their own. This lawsuit was later dismissed by Crumbl, after both parties came to an amicable agreement outside of the legal process.