Crowd Starts Booing At Jill Biden

( iOTWreport writes that at the Eagles vs. Cowboys game on Sunday night at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Jill Biden seemed to be subjected to loud jeers (she was born in Jersey and grew up in Philly).

Dr. Jill attended Sunday night’s NFL game to raise breast cancer awareness.

The booing did occur, but the viral video was edited to give the impression that it was more intense. Many in the media went to considerable pains to verify the video’s veracity, something they rarely do, if ever when the right is humiliated.

The First Lady watched the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. She was reared in Willow Grove, a city about an hour’s drive from Lincoln Financial Field, and she spent her childhood cheering for the Eagles.

Ms. Biden stood in the middle of the field accompanied by cancer patients, cancer survivors, and their families as they all participated in the chant during a performance of the team’s song, “Fly Eagles Fly.”

The NFL and NBC’s Sunday Night Football released a video of the rousing chorus on their official Twitter accounts, and in both instances, the music played without a hitch.

But afterward, a doctored video of Ms. Biden’s look started circulating on social media. Several accounts on Twitter and YouTube posted the since-debunked phony footage, which purported to show Ms. Biden being raucously booed by spectators at the Philadelphia stadium.

The booing is not mentioned in the video posted on the official NFL account since they are not audible in the original version of the event, which was captioned, “Philly’s own @FLOTUS stands along cancer sufferers to lead the “Fly Eagles Fly” fight song before #DALvsPHI.”

In the less-than-viral video that can be seen here,  a group of guys is chanting FJB at the same Eagles game. A moronic woman, upon hearing the chant, claims the chant is “racist.”  (Eyeroll.) The guys enjoy a good laugh at the idiocy of the charge.

When everything is racist, nothing is racist.