Critics Call For Maria Bartiromo’s Firing From Fox News

Rupert Murdoch has kept Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro on the network despite losing over $800 million in a defamation judgment with Dominion Voting Systems.

There was a lot of talk on social media about whether or not Bartiromo and Pirro would be let go. 

Fox News producer Abby Grossberg, recently fired, has disclosed new facts about her time there, including that her employer told her that fact-checking had been curtailed following the 2020 presidential election so that show host Maria Bartiromo could “go wild.”

Grossberg said that her boss’s text message was part of a new initiative at Fox News that threw “caution to the wind.” Grossberg claims she was set up to take disproportionate blame in the Dominion Voting Systems case against Fox News and sued the network for damages. 

She translated her boss’s text message to indicate a shift in strategy, and she was able to have such influence thanks to the rapport she had developed fast with her show’s host after being appointed as a senior producer at Fox News in 2019.

Abby claimed that it was a regular practice for Fox News executives to raise objections to the appearances of specific guests before the 2020 election.

She later claimed network officials knew she had booked guests like Rudy Giuliani and attorney Sidney Powell on Bartiromo’s Sunday morning show, although they may propagate misleading information or even conspiracy theories concerning Dominion’s voting equipment.

During the 2020 election and into 2021, Grossberg was a producer for Bartiromo’s show. As of 2022, she was Carlson’s senior booker. 

An inside source says that Bartiromo is well-liked by staff and workers. But Jeanine Pirro is another story. The source, who shared makeup rooms with her, characterized her as a “witch “ who “everyone hates.”

Thus far, Pirro has survived the Fox ax, as well.