Critical Race Theory Defender Says He Has 1,000 Soldiers Locked and Loaded

( A Fort Worth, Texas school board meeting got a little crazy this week when a “revolutionary” militant named Malikk Austin threatened parents and claimed to have a thousand soldiers “ready to go” to defend critical race theory in the school.

Austin, who previously showed up at a board meeting wearing tactical gear, told the assembled that he was willing to fight for CRT. Rather than address the school board, Austin raged at the other parents attending the meeting.

He shouted, “How dare you come up here and challenge me on critical race theory!” Then he warned that “we are not our ancestors” – implying that, unlike peaceful civil rights leaders of the past, he and his like-minded soldiers won’t be so peaceful.

Then shouting at the crowd, Austin said “I’ve got over 1,000 soldiers ready to go. One thousand ready to go.”

This did not sit well with the crowd who began to jeer and protest. Austin’s microphone was cut off, but he kept ranting away, claiming he was exercising his First Amendment rights.

Yes, by telling the other people “how dare you” for speaking. What a warrior for free speech.

Finally, a law enforcement officer came up to the podium and began to lead Austin out of the room. But as he left, Austin continued ranting at the crowd, warning that he’d be bringing his soldiers with him next time. “Yes I will,” Austin said, “Locked and loaded! Locked and loaded!”

One of the parents in the audience, a woman named Hollie Plemmons, shouted after Austin, “Did you just threaten me?”

Later in an interview with Fox News, Plemmons said she did feel like Austin’s “locked and loaded” comment was a threat.

According to Carlos Turcios, another member of the audience who shot the above video, Austin is a “left-wing militia activist.” Turcios told Fox News that a lot of the parents in attendance felt threatened by him.

Fox News also spoke with Malikk Austin who claimed he was only using his First Amendment rights. He denied that his “locked and loaded” or “one thousand soldiers” comments were threats.

Whether or not his threatening remarks will prompt the FBI to investigate Austin remains to be seen. But considering Austin was defending Critical Race Theory in schools, it isn’t likely.