Criminal Cartels Are Reportedly Raking In Cash From China’s TikTok

( The Chinese software TikTok is accused of enabling cartel violence and drug smuggling and recruiting young Americans to work for them.

Brooks County Sheriff Commander Jorge Esparza said that the cartels want labor. They’re looking for aid. They show loads of money, drinking, partying, and everything else. In his opinion, if social media firms are upset over a racial or sexual statement, he thinks they should be held more liable for what cartels publish.

The site acts as a job board, with basic tasks like driving through a police roadblock and paying a few hundred bucks. With approximately 682 million views, a TikTok search for “cartel” yields hundreds of results. Commenters ask how to apply for jobs and leave their contact info.

The emergence of social media provides a new problem for authorities already swamped by violence and crime. But few other social media businesses host such flagrant illegal activities.

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Sgt. Aaron Moreno saw advertising on TikTok and Facebook for persons recruiting people to drive their automobiles. He said he’d stopped folks with illegal migrants in the car, and they said they were Uber drivers.

The southwest border has become a multi-billion dollar industry for cartels, coyotes, and Americans transporting migrants and drugs to stash houses. Transnational criminal groups entice kids to transport migrants through border communities with the promise of quick payment.

Moreno said it makes a mockery of law enforcement. He’s seen TikTok vids of coyotes with long rifles.

Some Republicans want the federal government to crack down on or criminalize criminal organization ads on TikTok.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said that TikTok is a Chinese firm. Therefore it must serve the interests of the Chinese Communist Party. Rubio asked what the cartels and Beijing have in common. He said they both want to fentanylize our neighborhoods. President Biden would prohibit TikTok and secure the border if he cared about Americans.

According to former Border Patrol agent Michael Celinas, criminal organizations utilize TikTok to arrange people smuggling and narcotics trafficking.

He says that they often use TikTok to record their whereabouts. They’re high-fiving and showing off their footage. He said they have men continually digging around on the platforms.

Cities like McAllen, Texas, have implemented a “no pursuit” policy for fleeing cops. Officers claim too many teenage drivers panic and cause terrible accidents, injuring or killing migrants.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R.) is looking into TikTok’s potential facilitation of human trafficking. This includes notifying law police and determining the company’s standards for deleting cartel-related information.

According to Paxton, Chinese-owned TikTok may be involved in child abuse, sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and other unspeakable evils. He will investigate these issues and ensure Big Tech does not jeopardize Texans’ safety and security.